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10-Week Remote Online Program
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Program Starts March 25, 2019
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Do You Need a Distributor?
The number one question I get asked by companies trying to launch new VR solutions is :

"How do I find my Creative Works?" 

They see the success of Hologate, and think they just need a distributor to make hundreds of sales.  
What they don't understand is before Hologate ever met with Creative Works, we spent months going through positioning, figuring out ideal target markets, and then coming up with a pitch deck.  When we presented it to Creative Works, it was a no-brainer for them.  We knew exactly what we were offering them, and they could see exactly how they would be able to sell it to their existing and new clients.  

This exclusive program will help you identify your unique value proposition and target market segments so you can find the best distributor for your product. We will help you develop the world's best pitch deck, and even host a pitch event with some of the world's best distributors, like Creative Works, Betson, Player 1 Amusement Group, NAMCO, Sega and more. 

Find Your Unique Positioning
The market is getting more crowded every day.  Most solutions look the same to uninformed customers.  We will help you find your unique value that solves real problems in a market segment, so you stand out from the crowd.  
Build the Ultimate Sales Deck
A great sales deck helps prospects connect your solution with their needs.  We will give you everything you need to create your version of the world's best sales deck so you can close more sales. 

Pitch to the Top Distributors
At the end of the program, your team will pitch to a group of the best distributors on the planet. It's a great way to get feedback, hone your pitch, and maybe even land the best distributor for your market segments.   
Asking Me to Help You Find A Distributor is Like 
Asking Me to Help You Surf!
If you ask me to help you surf, the first question I will ask is "Can you swim?" The you will need to learn to wax the board, paddle, duck dive through the breaking waves, figure out where to sit in the lineup, read the waves coming in, paddle to catch the right one, popup, and only then can you even start to learn to surf.  

Before you are ready for a distributor, you need to know: 
  •  Competition: How do you really stack up in the eyes of your market?
  •  Value: What problems you are solving for the distributor's customer and how?
  •  Differentiation: How are you different in a way that matters to problems of your market?
  • Market Segment: What part of the market does your product best solve real problems?
If you cannot communicate the answers to these and other key questions in a way that is as clear as the water in Costa Rica, then you've got no chance and bringing on the best distributor for your market.  
Ready to Attend?
"But I've Already Been Approached By a Distributor..."
Would you enter into a long-term relationship with the first person who came along in your life and wanted to "settle down"? Wouldn't you want to make sure they were going to meet your needs and you were going to add value to their life? A distribution relationship is just as important to your business, and just as challenging.  Don't just jump at the first person who comes along. Find the right fit, and your business will take off!
What Is Included
  •   10-weeks of training and mentoring for up to 5 team members from your company
  •  Full day, live workshop facilitated by Bob Cooney and his team of word-class innovation and marketing experts
  •  A total of 8 exclusive live webinars to keep the momentum going
  •  Online mentoring to help you create your perfect pitch deck after the workshop
  •  Live Pitch Fest to a selection of world-class distributors online at the end of the program
Bob Cooney
The World's Leading Location-Based VR Guru
Always staying on the bleeding edge of technology, and able to predict both tech and business trends, Bob Cooney is widely considered the world's foremost expert on location-based virtual reality. The author of the book Real Money from Virtual Reality, he is the go-to-market strategist behind the launch of some of the world’s most successful location-based entertainment products. He curates the location-based VR education programs for both Amusement Expo and VR Days and is the tech editor for Replay Magazine, the oldest and most widely-read publication dedicated to the family entertainment industry. Cooney launched the world’s first successful laser tag company, Laser Storm, in 1990, which he took public after appearing in the Inc. 500 in 1996. He has also launched the first commercially successful VR arcade game, Beachhead 2000. Cooney has mentored some of the top VR manufacturers and operators, including Zero Latency, Hologate, Neurogaming, Virtuix, and others.
Bob Cooney
The World's Leading VR Guru
Bob Cooney, the world's leading location-based virtual reality guru, created this experiential workshop that will introduce a human-centered approach to creating location-based Virtual Reality experiences that will deeply resonate with Millennial customers.  This workshop is for senior executives of casinos and companies who are responsible for transforming their offering to meet the demands of Millennial consumers. It will prove invaluable for C-level leadership, strategic management, and anyone making decisions on products and services.
Kylie Savage
Human Centered Innovation Expert
Kylie is a mentor, coach, and facilitator working at the intersection of innovation and design. As the Director of Capability for human-centered design pioneer Huddle, Kylie works with leadership teams in large corporates and government agencies leading sustainable innovation initiatives where people become the main beneficiaries. Kylie believes that with an “anything is possible” mindset, organizations can make the world a better place. Before joining Huddle Kylie was the director of strategy and innovation for Brightstar, and also created the Most Innovative Company awards program with Inventium, which is now in partnership with Australian Financial Review. She holds degrees in Robotics & Digital Technology and Electrical Engineering.
Andre Lawless
Location-based Entertainment 
Marketing Specialist
Andre Lawless has more than 25 years of experience helping companies tell their most compelling stories to their most important audiences through integrated marketing that builds brands, generates leads, attracts users, and sells products. His projects and clients have included successes for Pokémon trading card and video games, licensed Harry Potter, Marvel, and Star Wars games, Zero Latency’s multi-award-winning virtual reality gaming technology, Buzztime gaming tablets for bars and restaurants, and Ecast, Rock-Ola, and NSM Music’s pioneering broadband digital jukeboxes.
Live Workshop Details
Tuesday, March 25, 2018
8:30 - 5:30
Westgate Hotel, 
3000 Paradise Road, 
Las Vegas, NV
Only 6 Company Slots are Available.  This Will Sell Out!
I’ve worked with several consultants throughout Virtuix’s history, but I can say that our workshop with Bob has been the most impressive and valuable consulting session I have ever experienced. Bob is a marketing genius. In just one day, we were able to cut through the noise, including our own nonsense, and distill a brilliant marketing message and positioning that set us up for success in this competitive industry. If you need help to navigate marketing and find your value proposition in the location-based entertainment space, Bob is the best guide around.
Jan Goetgeluk 
Founder and CEO of Virtuix, maker of the Omni Treadmill, the largest selling dedicated LBVR product in the world. 
Leif Arne Petersen 
CEO and Founder of Hologate, the fastest selling LBVR attraction in recent history. 
Bob Cooney was an early advisor once we determined that we would be entering into the space of family entertainment. With his nearly 30 years of predicting business and technology trends, evaluating product and market viability, and helping to introduce new experiences to the public, he would be an asset to any company looking for a leg up on the competition.
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Kylie is a brilliant communicator and relationship builder and is super savvy on all things innovation. I love working with Kylie and highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone who has had plenty of practical experience implementing an innovation program (as she did so brilliantly at Brightstar) and who is awesome at building lasting relationships.
Dr Amantha Imber 
Founder and CEO of Inventium
Evan Breckenridge
Marketing Director, MGM Grand Resort Las Vegas
Andre is a veritable Swiss Army knife of marketing services and brings a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to his clients. I recommend him to anyone who is in need of a world-class marketer. He can do it all!
Bob is hardworking, creative, passionate and knows more about location based entertainment than almost anyone I know. 
Brent Bushnell
CEO, Two Bit Circus
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